From the Desk
From the President's Desk
Dr. V. G. Pradeep Kumar

Dear Friend's and Colleagues,

I would like to thank all members of Indian Stroke Association for electing me to the post of President of this prestigious ogranisation.

Stroke,as we all know ,is one of the leading cause of mortality and morbidity across the world. Early recognition of its signs, initiation of treatment within the window period can reduce the burden in thrombolic stroke. Increasing awareness about this factor amongst the public and working to make facilities for primary treatment at the grass root level at an affordable cost should be our priority.

For this we have to strengthen the association by increasing its membership so that our voices may be heard on a broader platform and we can achieve our goals.

This year , the Indian Stroke Association would like to organise Regional conferences and workshops to update the neurologists and stroke physicians about the recent advances in this field,apart from the Stroke summer school, World stroke day activities and Annual conference.

Indian Stroke Association would also try to implement standardisation of stroke care in various institutions by accreditation through a national body.Also would approach National Board for increasing number of Stroke Fellowships in the country.

We will revamp over website to make it more user friendly. Periodic newsbulletins for members through online and various awareness programmes for the public are being envisaged.

I am sure that with the active involvement of all of you by giving guidance and suggestions,we will be able to fulfill our objectives.

Together we can...

Dr. V.G. Pradeep Kumar

From the Secretary's Desk
Dr Arvind Sharma

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Indian Stroke Association (ISA) has been a pioneer organization in advocating scientific research and advances in the field of stroke, apart from raising awareness in the community and amongst physicians for early detection and intervention. Keeping in view, the enormous burden of stroke in our country, high mortality and devastating disability that the disease often leaves behind, an integrated approach to tackle the disease involving all stakeholders is the need of the hour.

Recent evidence have linked stroke to the raging COVID-19 pandemic affecting all age group and importantly young population. During these challenging times, when people prefer to stay at home, the need to create awareness about reaching the hospital in time becomes more relevant. Equally important are the precautions taken by health care workers to treat Acute Stroke and follow “Protected Stroke Code”.

I feel privileged and proud to be able to work as a part of an organization that includes some of the best minds in the country in the field of Stroke.

I look forward to a fulfilling and meaningful tenure as secretary of Indian Stroke Association.

Dr. Arvind Sharma