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Dear Colleagues.
COVID-19 Pandemic is a public health emergency worldwide and a priority for healthcare in the current times. Acute Stroke is a time sensitive emergency and requires prompt recognition and treatment to reduce morbidity and mortality. Let us all work together to help patients of acute stroke and remind them that they need to reach a hospital as soon as they recognise the symptoms of Stroke and DO NOT STAY HOME worrying about COVID-19.

Kindly use this poster for dissemination to colleagues, patients, patient support groups and organisations. Let us work together to help treat our stroke patients timely during these unprecedented times.

Kindly download the poster for awareness and dissemination.

Jointly issued by Indian Stroke Association & Indian Academy of Neurology.

From the President’s Desk

Dear Friend’s

I thank Indian Stroke Association for resting in me the confidence and giving me this immense opportunity to serve our association. We are a strong collective force of brilliant and enthusiastic stroke neurologists, working to both prevent strokes and provide the best, evidence-based management for stroke patients nationwide. We need many more! India has a huge burden of non-communicable diseases and stroke is a leading cause of death and disability. Many challenges come in the way of providing timely and optimized acute stroke care. But we are getting there and hopefully we will! We shall continue to work together as a team to increase public awareness of stroke and it’s risk factors so as to mitigate the stroke burden in the country. Other areas of our focus would be: improving access of communities to stroke-ready hospitals and clinics, building the numbers of trained stroke care providers and advocacy efforts to increase government resources available for stroke prevention and care in the country.

I take over as the President of our association during challenging times, with the entire world fighting against the severe Pandemic of COVID 19. From providing intensive care to patients, preventing community spread and caring for our health care professionals and workers, it is a huge responsibility on the hospitals, government and administrators. Stroke care may become particularly challenging during this time as it needs 24x7 availability of resources, rapid emergency triaging and optimized systems of care, some of which may already be overwhelmed due to the COVID pandemic. The concept of “Protected Stroke Code” as was recently published in the journal Stroke, brings in another challenge of adding caution and protection to health care workers managing stroke. I hope these tough times won’t last too long and I pray for the health of all our fellow beings and recovery of all those afflicted.

I look forward to working with the association to further strengthen stroke care across our country, including more awareness drives, focus on primary prevention, and educating and mentoring younger colleagues for acute and chronic stroke management across various levels of health care in India. My motto: Join hands to minimize strokes, minimize stroke disability!

Dr. Rohit Bhatia

From the Secretary’s Desk

Dear all,

Indian Stroke Association is a leading scientific and professional organisation of stroke specialists of the country having more than 800 members in its fold. Stroke or Brain Attack as all of us know is one of the important causes of mortality and mortality in our country. Change in life style has contributed to the increased incidence of stroke,especially stroke in the young.

Indian Stroke Association has been working to improve the awareness about stroke, its early detection and management not only amongst the medical profession but the public at large. Recent advances in the management of acute stroke, rehabilitation and its preventive strategies have improved stroke care in the country to a large extent. ISA is working in collaboration with World Stroke Organisation (WSO), European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation (APSO) to improve stroke care globally.

Looking forward for the valuable suggestions and contributions from all members of ISA to improve stroke care in our country.

Dr. V.G. Pradeep Kumar

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